Product Recommendation

Fox RPC Full Face

I have been wearing Fox full face helmets for the past few years now. What first won me over to the Fox Rampage Pro Carbon Helmet was the FLUID Inside technology incorporated in the helmet, a technology introduced with last seasons helmets . I thought, as it can reduce concussion it’s definitely worth giving a go!  The other great thing I found was having the magnetic visor on these helmets. As a downhill racer, I ride, and crash hard, and the visor has not once, snapped or moved out of place.  What’s really great, is that they’ve combined the two systems to create an all-new dual-rotational management system: MVRS + FLUID. The FLUID inside mimics cerebral spinal fluid to manage linear and rotational impact energy, and the lack of high impact resistance in the magnetic visor reduces rotational forces in a crash.

What’s really impressed me is that Fox have also thought of the little things! The helmet is easy to clean when it becomes dirty, plus the pads are easily removable and therefore are easy to wash if the helmet starts to stink!  I like the colour of the new 2020 Fox helmets, and the gloss finish feels awesome.

I would recommend anyone looking to buy a new helmet to invest dollars here as the price is definitely worth it and you definitely won’t be disappointed. The entire range is available at! 


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