Post summer gear check

Summer in the southern hemisphere is now over. Whilst many of us start the cycling hibernation process as conditions become less favourable, it is time to take stock of all your summer cycling and give your bike a check over.

The key areas to check are;

1.     Bicycle chain: Often neglected, it’s time to check your chain for wear and ensure it’s ready for the transition to the indoor trainer. If you want to be certain that your indoor cycling experience is as smooth as the outdoors, I recommend changing your chain to ensure you don’t wear down the rest of your drivetrain.

2.     Re-grease all your bolts and bearings: As our bikes make the shift to indoor trainers, it is important that bolts and bearings are freshly greased and ready for the onslaught of the sweat-fest. It’s really a precaution to prevent bolts from further corrosion on the trainer – which is inevitable. You will thank me later.

3.     Tyre check: After the amount of time outside during the summer, you should glance over your tyres to double check everything is in order. No splits, glass or cracks showing. Rear wheel mounted trainers will wear through old tyres quickly!

(Note: if you have a direct drive trainer like Tacx Neo or Wahoo Kickr – this is not needed, but probably a good idea to know whether you need to replace your tyres when you head back out on the road)

Enjoy the cooler months of cycling, it is a great time of the year to spend more time with the family and earn back those brownie points you used up every weekend during summer.

For those of us that still ride outside during the winter, make sure to get check your clothing and prepare for chill. Remember, it’s never too cold to go outside. You just need the right clothing to make it comfortable. More on how to select your winter riding gear next month!

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete 

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