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Tubeless transition (one month review)

One month in and tubeless tyres have been uneventful… which is actually a good thing. No mishaps or problems to speak of. They run super smooth even on the bumpiest of roads and they feel fast. How was installation? Simple. I installed the tyres and sealant myself, no mess nor fuss.

Installation tips (if you don’t have an air compressor to inflate)

  • Install tyre on wheel with valve core
    No sealant required. The reason being is we want to bed the tyre onto the rim with a Co2. Co2’s are generally not recommended upon to be used when sealant is wet.
  • Inflate tyre with Co2
    To ensure proper bedding of the tyre onto the rim, I read you need an instant pressure release to inflate. So you can’t use a standard track pump to do this as inflation is done more slowly. You should hear a couple of ‘pops’ if this is done properly.
  • Release air from tyre and install sealant (remove valve core)
    Once all air has escaped the tyre, you are ready to fill up with your sealant. Re-install removable valve core and roll your wheel around in circular motions to distribute the sealant throughout the tyre.
  • Leave for 5-10mins whilst the sealant makes its way around the tyre
  • Inflate with a standard track pump
    You will now be confident in being able to pump up your tubeless tyre with a standard track pump. Remember you can run a lower pressure with a tubeless setup for even better road compliance.

How do they feel vs tubes?

One of the biggest things that I noticed with tubeless vs tubes was the actual road feel. The feeling of a tubeless tyre could be likened to riding on pillows. Whilst it felt ‘squishy’ it also felt faster than a normal tyre. There was better traction compared to a normal tube setup and was especially noticeable cornering.

I am genuinely impressed with my tubeless road experience thus far. There were no horror stories of sticky explosions, no messing up my garage with goop and the ride feel was superb. I would highly recommend tubeless setup to anyone and everyone. If you don’t like stopping mid ride and want a set and forget experience, tubeless road tyres are the way to go.

Remember to check out my previous review with the various bits and pieces you will need to make your ride tubeless ready.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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