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Rock N Roll for Gold Performance

If you’re reading this, it would be safe to say that your bike makes your world go around. You go around the world on it! The combination of moving parts and your power on the pedals turns the rear wheel to cover whatever terrain takes your fancy – mountain or road. It is these moving parts that we need to look after though. There is no single part more important for transmitting your strength into forward movement than the chain. The chain is the iconic workhorse part that all types of bikes share, and it has a thirst for lubrication.

Should you want to push your bike to the limit, it would be in your best interest to keep the chain fresh with proper lubrication after every wash and ride. After every ride I choose Rock N Roll’s Gold solution. I will start by admitting I am biased as I have used Rock N Roll chain lube for the past 5 years. There are many reasons why I have stuck with their products for my chains, and even more why you should try them. For the longest time I have used Rock N Roll’s Extreme solution for a more specific mountain bike application. Wanting to bring the same performance I loved for the mountain to my road bike too, I upgraded to the newer Gold version.

Whereas Rock N Rolls Extreme blue goes for wet and dirty environments, Rock N Roll also offers an Absolute Dry red option too. This is more popular for dry road environments and engineered for more lubricated miles between applications. The newer Rock N Roll Gold takes the best of both worlds in one solution for both bikes! The nature of the oil based solution in Rock N Roll Gold penetrates the chain in the tightest spots between the rollers and links constantly rotating around each other. This creates a slippery barrier between the moving parts for silkier movement and protection of the metals at the same time. A slippier chain makes for better shifting and more power to the wheels. The Gold solution also works by constantly cleaning the chain as you go. It attracts dirt and dissipates grime from the active rollers so a quick wipe of the excess lube cleans and clears the nasties from your chain you don’t need!

Rock N Roll’s Gold is most noticed on longer rides and the other quick dashes you may do before washing your bike again. In the past I have used wax based lubricants for my chain. I quickly found that the thicker wax attracts and clumps dirt to itself, carrying it around your drivetrain with each revolution. So quickly in fact, that I found it was time to clean and lubricate the chain after just 30 kilometers or so when using wax. This is just never the case with Rock N Roll’s Gold oil lube. It isn’t until the 3rd ride after not washing my bike properly – which is a rare occurrence in itself – do I start noticing the creaks of a dry and under performing chain.

It is for these more prominent reasons I choose Rock n Roll for the important task of keeping my chains slippery and clean. Not only is it the best I have tried, it is also incredibly economical on a rider’s wallet. For just $30 from Pushys Online, you can get the best out of your chain ride after ride with Rock N Roll Gold – no matter where you are going and what bike you choose. Free up your bike maintenance and budgeting with a bottle of Rock N Roll!

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