2020 Bright training camp!

I was stoked to get down to one of my favourite riding destinations a few weeks ago for some training with my coach.

Without a doubt Bright is one of the best tracks to train on for international World Cups. It’s a difficult track full of roots, rocks and off camber bits. You have to take care when riding the track in the wet as the roots can be quite slippery and if you don’t ride over them straight you can lose control of the bike and crash. But there’s so much more to Bright than the competition DH track! We were riding hero trail and shred Kelly which are some of the best flow trails I’ve ridden! They’re both incredible for improving your cornering and jumping skills. Bright also has some fun little trails near the pump track that are really good for kids who are starting out riding bikes!

It’s good to see that heaps of people have bought bikes during COVID so they can exercise instead using the shelter at home order as an excuse to laze about! Let’s just hope people keep riding a bike or exercising in any way once COVID is over.
If anyone was thinking of going to Bright for training or even a family holiday, I would definitely recommend you to as it has so many different riding tracks that suits anyone’s ability. Plus it has a great range of wineries, bakeries and cafes, so there’s plenty of options for treating yourself after a big day on the bike!

By Cassie Voysey Pushys sponsored athlete – @cvoysey96

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