Training in a pandemic

With Covid-19 continuing to maintain a tight grip on the globe, staying motivated and keeping exercise in our routine has never been more difficult. Most races have been cancelled or postponed, we are unlikely have any international events for the remainder of the year (at least not in the traditional form). On top of this, the restrictions set by the government to help minimise the spread of COVID-19, to which we must abide by to conquer the disease, further impact our ability to get out and exercise.

It is undoubtedly important to remain active in some capacity throughout this time. I have been aiming to do one thing a day outside in my local area. I have been finding Strava segments in my neighborhood to create a little challenge and keep myself motivated. I am fortunate there is a few quiet roads, hills and trails close by where I live.

The virtual world was already rapidly on the rise, but with everyone migrating inside, indoor training during this period it has seen a swell in numbers. Ironman has recently announced a virtual racing series, and whilst I’m still not sure how this will look, I know they are putting a lot of time into developing a platform to put some form of events on throughout this period. There are of course the more established cycling platforms, I personally use Zwift. There are plenty of events and workouts to choose from. I use a Wahoo Kickr for workouts, or rollers for technique work/easy rides. My power meter can broadcast bluetooth directly to my laptop which makes everything super easy to use.

This is also a great time to work on mobility and core strength, areas that are often neglected when the bike is easily accessible . In NZ there are free to air classes on TV1 at 9am and 3pm everyday. I like to do them for activation/mobility work, before or after a training session.

Doesn’t mean we aren’t dreaming of getting back outside!

Personally, I am limiting my intensive workouts, and keeping it mostly aerobic to stay healthy. Remain active, but don’t treat this as a training camp! Most importantly follow your governments guidelines, and keep safe!

Mike Phillips – Pushys athlete

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