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The ultimate riding weekend set up!

So now that you have got your post lockdown maintenance all done and your favourite riding spots are beginning to open up, it’s time to get your weekend setup sorted.

There’s a lot to consider when planning your next riding trip, whether it’s a new tent or sleeping bag, to a new camp stove or even as simple as new camp chair, having the right paraphernalia can make a great weekend incredible!

The 360 Furno stove has been a game changer!

Personally, I recently upgraded my camp cooking setup to the 360 Degrees 360 Furno stove and the Jetboil Zip Cooking system. I have been loving the Furno system for when I’m cooking with a pan, as the wide spreading supports give much better stability for heavier pans then the other systems I’ve used in the past. It may be overkill but I reserve the Jet boil system for cooking food requiring boiling water such as pasta as it’s time to boil is unrivalled. Plus, it’s a great tool for a roadside caffeine hit when paired with a coffee press.

A space and/or budget conscious option is to use the Jetboil system with the optional pot support. It provides a sturdy base for larger pots if you are cooking for more than one or two people.

Another way to make a great upgrade to your next riding trip is to upgrade your relaxation station, otherwise know as your camp chair! Being able to comfortably recover after a big day on the bike is essential to getting the most out of your riding trip!

I picked up the Helinox Sunset a few weeks ago for living in the van permanently. It packs down into a small and light package, but I still find it super comfy to lounge around in waiting for coffee or lunch to cook in between runs!
I decided on the sunset as it sits the highest off the ground of the range and has the highest back rest, but this was a personal preference, and there are plenty of options for different heights!

What other ideas do you have to upgrade your riding trip camping set up? Let me know in the comments!

Written by Jackson Frew Pushys Athlete – @jackson_frew

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