Post lockdown Maintenance check list

Now that we are getting back to some sense of normality and are finally re-gaining access to the awesome trails we are so lucky to have throughout Australia, it’s a great time to get check off those few maintenance things you may have neglected previously.

Suspension service

When was the last time you dropped the lowers off your forks to change the oil and put some new seals in? Its an often overlooked and easily forgotten job, but its one of the easiest ways to get extra performance out of your bike!
If you’ve never done it before it can be a daunting task, but don’t worry, you aren’t alone thinking that. The basic lower service is far simpler then you’d think and there is a heap of great tutorials all over the web that’ll talk you through exactly what tools, parts and the steps you’ll need to take on the job.
Even SRAMS own technical guide (Boxxer Service Guide) is really easy to follow and gives you all the part numbers you’ll need to keep your suspension running PRIMO! If you’d rather a video, anything produced by Park tool, Bike Radar or GMBN won’t lead you astray!

What is the recommended service interval for my RockShox fork? – RockShox  FAQ
This helpful table shows how regularly you should be servicing your forks!

Bearing upgrade check

Remember those things that are hiding in behind those bolts in the rear end of your frame? Well, they wear out. They need to be kept clean and well-greased.
Again, there’s heaps of great tutorials around for this job as well. GMBN did a really good and easy to follow video here that will walk you through the rights and wrongs of keeping your frame moving freely.

Fresh Chain

It’s always a great time to look at freshening up your drivetrain. If your anything like me, now that social distancing rules are relaxing there will be plenty of riding planned over the next few months. If you aren’t sure if its time to replace your chain yet there are plenty of cheap wear indicators like this one that will take all the guess work out of when you need a new one! Remember when buying chains and other drivetrain components you will see your monies worth with every pedal stroke!

As long as you follow the guides and listen to the expert even the most daunting jobs can seem easy in no time or if you aren’t confident enough to tackle these big jobs you can do what I usually do and head into pushys and book it in with them!

By Jackson Frew – Pushys sponsored athlete


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