Sponsored Riders

Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Oliver Moran

State: NSW

Sport: BMX

Current bike:

I ride a CRUPI BMX bike size 4XL custom

Where do you live:

 I live in Forster,  a small coastal town on the Mid North Coast.

How did you get into the sport:

My older brother wanted to start BMX, so I naturally followed him and really enjoyed it.

What does your regular training week consist of:

Regular week consists of 3 gym sessions, 2 track session and 2 sprints sessions. During COVID I have increased my gym to 4 sessions since I haven’t been racing. On Sundays I usually try find a wave around where I live for a surf on my day off or meet up with my mates at the dirt jumps or skate park.

Best piece of advice you have been given:

One of my very first coaches told me “train hard, race easy” and it has stuck with me ever since.

Favourite thing about your sport:

I love BMX as I’m always pushing myself outside my comfort zone. If it is jumping a new jump or learning new skills, there is always things to work on or new line that I can try. There’s no limit, I’ve been riding for over 10 years and there always new thing to turn and try every session! The other great thing is I get to travel all over Australia and the world.

How do you keep motivated:

I keep motived quite well as I think I have a good balance in my life. When I’m not training or in race mode, I’m able to fully switch off and distract myself with surfing, fishing or diving and leaves me refreshed. I have short and long term goals and set myself up each week to work towards theses goals

2019 Results:

UCI BMX World Championships – 2nd

Australian Cycling Junior Cyclist of the Year

BMX NZ C1 Event, Junior Elite – 3rd

BMX National Championships, Junior Elite – 3rd

BMX National Series Round 3, Ipswich, Junior Elite – 1st

 Queensland International Cup C1 Event, Junior Elite – 1st


Nominee for the Sam Willoughby Medal

Sport Australian Hall of Fame 2021 Tier one Scholarship holder https://sahof.org.au/award-winner/oliver-moran/

Most of plans got cancelled by covid   ☹

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