Product Recommendation

Shhh… it’s a Super Secret way to go faster

Changing to wax has been fantastic. I started with Wend Wax, which is great. The only gripe I had was when applying to a chain that was not 100% completely clean. The “deodorant stick” applicator of Wend’s ended up getting dirty and resulted in unwanted waste of the product.

Enter Silca Super Secret chain wax. The Super Secret wax is applied through a drip tube, much like your normal wet or dry lubricants. The wax then hardens (it is recommended to apply the night before you plan to ride) and the resultant effect is silky smooth riding with almost no drivetrain noise.

Don’t think you are up to applying wax? Or think it will take too long? Think again, it is exactly the same in application as a standard lubricant. If you want to give your bike the full ‘pro clean’, Silca have a dedicated video which provides a start to finish application process on how to get the best results out of using the product. When you have 15 minutes spare, take a look on Silca’s YouTube channel.

Why Super Secret?

Why is Silca’s wax called ‘Super Secret’ – perhaps it needs to be a secret given that the advertised claims are up to 14w over a standard lubricant. Combine that with the fact that your chain and drivetrain will wear better and stay cleaner for longer, it is really a no brainer.

Worth the money?

Should you spend the extra money on Silca’s Super Secret wax? In my opinion, yes. Whilst it costs more at the outset, your overall usage is lower than a standard lubricant – which means you get more usage from the tube. Did I mention that it is faster and keeps your drivetrain cleaner?

Tip: When applying the wax, be sure to drip a single drop on each chain link and leave it to set overnight. It takes a couple extra minutes instead of simply rotating the cranks backwards and squeezing the tube.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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