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[R]evolution MTB review: Fox 38 Fork

[R]evolution MTB review the Fox 38 Fork. When you are going large you need the 38. Designed to work best with 160-180mm of travel the 38 has all the revolutionary features of the 36. The Fox 38 range sets new standards for confidence, performance and durability.

G’day guys! What have we got here? We’ve obviously got the new 38 fork from Fox, which slots right in between their 36 fork and their 40.

The 38 is Fox’s biggest single crown fork in the market run and still runs a 15mm through axle. The one I have here is a 170mm, but they do come available from 160mm up to 190mm and obviously they come in the two different wheel sizes being the 27.5 and 29 inch wheel. These have high low speed rebound dampening and also has high speed compression dampening. It’s got the air spring from Fox so they have upgraded the internals of this fork as well which is a little bit different from previous models.

Previously, I personally found that Fox had a little bit more of a mechanical feel and it wasn’t as supple over that sort of light trail chatter, however this fork is in a completely different ball game. It is super stiff, however super plush off the top. It provides plenty of mid-stroke support and plenty of adjustability. Some other forks on the market are a little bit easier to set up, but the 38’s are slightly more refined, so they do take a little bit more time to get them perfect but once you’ve got them dialled in, trust me these things are the absolute goods.

One of the cool features we should probably touch on is the little exit valve in the back of the fork, so if you’re riding high altitude as well and you’re getting a little bit of air in the bottom of your fork as well, you can actually bleed the fork in the back, which was a feature previously on the fox 40, however now it comes on the 38. The reason for that is so if you haven’t got any air in the bottom of the fork so when the fork compresses you’re going to get all the travel as well so that’s another really cool feature about this fork as well.

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