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[R]evolution MTB How To: Do a Manual (It’s a wheelie)

[R]evolution MTB show us How to do a Manual! Have Fun!

Hey guys!

We’re out here today and we’re going to come up with some hot tips for how to manual!

If you’ve never really practiced manuals before, you want to try and find a spot that’s nice and flat with maybe a little bit of a decline so we don’t have to work for our speed, and maybe we want to go for grass just in case it goes wrong!

Now the first thing we want to do before we even lift the front wheel up is make sure that we’re covering our rear brake just in case it goes wrong, If we pull that rear brake the front wheel is just going to fall back down again. The second thing is body position over the bike, again before we start to pull up we want to get our body over the back of the bike so that we’ve got our weight bias to the rear.

Right now for the tricky part, we’re gonna have to try and find the balance point. We’ve already got our weight over the back and we’re going to go up in one motion, pull the front wheel up and move back even further.

Depending on the bike there’s going to be a particular point that it’s just going to like to sit in while we’re pulling up on the bars. This is a really fun technique to just muck around and play around with your mates, you can even try and manual further your friends. It’s also functional on the trail whether we’re trying to pick the front wheel up over a feature or just sort of blast down and have a little bit of fun.

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