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[R]evolution MTB Review: Race Face Turbine Seat Post

The Turbine R is back, lighter and stronger than ever. In partnership with FOX, Race Face have taken the Turbine R vibes and combined them with the new, and improved award-winning Transfer post.

Hey guys and girls!

Today we have a new seat post from the cool cats at Race Face – This one they’ve done in collaboration with Fox.

Race Face if you haven’t heard of them D\definitely know how to make a quality product; bars cranks and a variety of other components and the dropper post is no different. If you want a really nice stealth cable, actuated seat post then these things might be the way to go for you, they have a nice seat knuckle on them as well super good seal and they come in a variety of sizes as well as a variety of different drop lengths. So if you want a really good quality dropper for your new whip maybe you should check out Race face.

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Check out this video of the [R]evolution review and other great content on YouTube here: Pushys YouTube Channel

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