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[R]evolution MTB How To: Whip!

Hey everyone! We’re going to touch on a few points to start learning how to do whips! Basically a little bit of a precursor to this skill is that we already want to have good air awareness and be quite confident in jumps overall.

On our approach we want to be nice and settled on the bike and weighted evenly. We want to start looking towards the lip and maybe depending on what way we’re going to whip, whether it’s out to the right or out to the left, this could be personal preference or depend on the type of jump, we want to sort of carve out to the outside of the lip a little bit and then bring it back in to start the whip .

So with this technique we want to take things slowly, we don’t want to go and try and get big 90 degrees 10 feet up in the air straight away, we want to take things in small increments.

At the start of the jump, turn off the lip a little bit, leaning our weight and this will naturally bring the back of the bike out as you’ve seen through not only today, but previous videos. So once we’ve taken off the lip and we’ve got a little bit of sideways action going, we want to spot our landing just like any other jump! Naturally wherever we look our body will follow and wherever our body is going, the bike will follow. In the air, our body is going nice and straight now and the bike will straighten as well, we want to spot our landing and then start looking through the trail so again.

Our key points are that we we really want to make sure that we’ve got a nice comfortable jump that we’ve done a lot of times and we’re not going to get kicked funny off the lip or anything. We want to get a little bit of sideways movement going through our handlebars and maybe our hips.

Once we’ve spotted our landing we’ve got our handlebars going nice and straight again and we want to look through the trail not focusing on the ground straight in front of us, that way we’re going to get a nice clean path out.

So this is definitely a type of skill where we don’t want to rush into it, practice makes perfect! Take your time with it and don’t get too excited, but the progress will come and you’ll become more confident in getting sideways. Try going other directions ,maybe try a few different little techniques here and there find out exactly what works for you and rip in!

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