Product Recommendation

PRO Bike Stand

Garage space is normally at a premium as our bikes normally play second fiddle to the car or a plethora of garden tools. Our beloved bicycle get pushed to the side wall.

Recently I purchased a Probike stand. This enables the my bicycle to stand alone. Whilst it doesn’t solve the garage space issue it does enable to store the bicycle in another room without it leaning on walls or furniture.

The stand itself is powder coated metal. It is of a fork design which supports the bicycle surrounding the rear wheel axle. The forks tines are coated with rubber that eliminates damage to the bike frame. The stand itself also has rubber pads on the underside that sits on the floor. This stops damage to highly polished wood or tile floors should it be used in these types of areas.

To use the stand it is place on any surface and we lift the rear axle over the stand fork tines slotting the rear axle in between the frame and fork. The weight of the bike also keeps the stand stable via the rear wheel. It is that simple.

I think this stand is not unattractive like some and functional. If you were lucky enough to have more than one bicycle it neatens up the garage floor almost turning it into a pro looking area.

The Probike stand is bicycle wheel size specific. A 26 or 27.5 inch wheel does not fit in a 29 inch stand. The Pro Bike Stand comes in both a 26 inch and a 29 inch model with the 29 inch model holding both road and mountain bikes.

This stand is reasonably priced and I recommend it for any area.

– By Mark Brockwell – Pushys sponsored rider

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