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Quad Lock

The past few months my riding has been a little out of sorts, mainly due to injury, but it gave me time to think about how I could start using technology a little better. I had noticed quite a few more cyclists with cameras, cycling computers and mobile phones mounted to their handle bars. I could never understand why they used mobile phone mounts, until recently, when I started using mapping applications such as Trailforks and training applications such as Trainerroad.

This brings me to my latest purchase: the Quad Lock adapter for my bike and phone. I was a little sceptical at first towards the Quad Lock, as previously my Garmin computer had separated itself from my bike, but after researching and now having actually used the product, it has grown on me. I have had quite a few rides with the Quad Lock product to date, so now I am just figuring out which apps I can make the best use of during my rides.

Quad Lock make a variety of mounting options, for cars, tripods, sports armbands, belt clips, and of course, bikes. The bike options include stem mounts, ‘Out The Front’ mounts or handlebar mounts. They also offer the complete mount and phone case for any Apple product, but if you use another brand phone you may need to buy a plastic case, such as a Defence Shield, and a universal adapter. I purchased the Quad Lock Bike Stem/Bar Mount, and the universal adapter. The universal adapter self adheres to any plastic phone case, and the phone can then be attached to any of the Quad Lock mounts.

The bike Quad Lock mount I have attaches to the handlebar or stem by two elasticised rubber loops, allowing it to be easily moved to different bikes if required. Usability is very simple; with the adapter attached, the phone is pushed onto the Quad Lock mount at a 45-degree position and then rotated another 45 degrees. This creates a firm hold, with no chance of movement in any direction. The phone cannot be moved back to be released until a spring loaded collar (see the blue portion in photo) is pressed down. An extra feature I liked is the phone can be locked at 90 degree increments, allowing for both vertical and horizontal positioning.

I plan to use the Quad Lock in all my non-competitive riding as it simplifies the phone viewing of most apps I use and also allows me to see important messages quickly, as opposed to searching for my phone in my jersey or backpack. Just remember to use it safely and don’t allow it to distract you.

– By Mark Brockwell – Pushys sponsored athlete

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