During a training ride: What do I eat?

There are many pre-drink and post-drink mixes on the market along with many other bars, powders and gels that are said to help an athlete during training or in events. It is truly a trial and error operation. Some people are known to benefit from having certain drinks, gels and bars while others couldn’t bare to think about consuming it. In the end it’s about personal taste and what we believe benefits us during training or at events.


rickyswindaleRicky Swindale: I usually eat a high carbohydrate “snack” (such as a banana) while getting ready before my ride, run or swim. During training rides and at races I bring gels and pre-mixed rehydration drinks with me. When in races your adrenalin is pumping, but when it comes to the long distance events, fatigue likes to kick in, and this is when I whip out my gels to help keep me going. Gels are great to have on a ride, not only because of their size but because of their ability to help me along. It may all be mental… but this mind thinks it helps.

No doubt everyone should have water with them training or not training! With mixed re-hydration drinks…it has just been a trial and error situation to find what flavour I like the most. I went through quite a few options to get to what I thought was the nicest tasting option, I have very fussy taste buds! Get trialing and I am sure you will be happily surprised at how they can help you during training and in events.

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