Take advantage of the re-hydration stations at events

Drink stations are set up along the course of every endurance race for your benefit; nevertheless, there is a bit of skill involved in grabbing a cup and drinking while on the run. Here are a couple of tips to help you get the most out of the re-hydration stations:

  1. Practice during training – Drinking on the run can be harder than you realise, especially if you don’t plan on slowing down. Practice grabbing a cup from a table (or volunteer) and maneuvering it to your mouth for a drink without slowing down, allowing you to maintain a competitive pace without compromising hydration.
  2. Slow down – Slow down, to a walk if necessary, to make sure you are able to have a proper drink, rather than just a sip. Losing a couple of seconds to achieve a sufficient drink break is preferable to becoming dehydrated.
  3. Take a drink at every station – Even if you do not feel thirsty it is important to have a drink at every station, as the effects of dehydration can begin to set in before thirst appears, significantly affecting your performance.

Drink stations can be a source of re-invigoration during a long, hard race and are crucial to help you ward off the potentially serious consequences of dehydration. Take full advantage of every drink station you encounter along the trail to ensure you remain at the top of your game.

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