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To clean or not to clean… your chain

Having a squeaky clean drivetrain will not only help your components live a longer life, but your ride will be faster and quieter.

However, if you are like me, then the arduous task of cleaning your bike is often put off to ‘some other time’.  Dirty rags, grease everywhere and a chain that never quite gets to looking like new again are all excuses that I had.
The new Park Tool Citrus ChainBrite chain cleaning fluid combined with the new Chain Scrubber CM-25 makes cleaning a breeze.  It is quick and easy to use, does not spill everywhere (which means no more grease laden hands ready to spread around your house), and brings your chain back to that show room shine with just a few pedal revolutions.
The CM-25 is not like any standard chain scrubber tool.  Made from die cast aluminium, stainless steel hinge pins and durable four sided scrubbing brushes.  Compared to the previous model, this version is workshop quality and will stand the test of time, helping you maximise your speed and give your drivetrain the life it deserves.
Key upgrades
⁃Solid structure: made of metal so does not succumb to cracking like cheaper plastic models
⁃Stainless steel locking dial and hinge pins: clamps over your chain and will not come undone
⁃Brushes on top, bottom and side: gets inside each link and cleans out grit and gunk which can cause premature wear on your components
If you want to spend more time riding, taking selfies of your bike and less time cleaning, the NEW Park Tool CM-25 Chain Scrubber will ensure your bike is showroom ready every ride.
By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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