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5 budget tips to make your bike feel like new

Is your bike in desperate need of some love?   If you’re on a budget, or saving your pennies for that new bike you’ve been dreaming about, here are some ways to get your bike looking and feeling like new, for less!  Here’s what you’ll need:

New Cables


A complete set of inners and outers will put you back all of about $30, but very little else will have such an effect on how your bike performs for such a great value.  By replacing your brake cables and gear cables, your bike will start to feel brand new for next to nothing.

New Bar Tape


Express yourself, get something unique!

While it won’t actually make you ride any faster, new bar tape will make your bike look showroom new, and when your bike looks great, you’ll want to be out on the road more.

New Chain


Replacing your chain will never go unnoticed.  If your bike isn’t shifting well even after you’ve changed your cables, you may need a new chain.  A cheaper bike with new cables and chain, combined with a well tuned derailleur, can perform far better than poorly cared for Di2. 

$$ SAVING TIP: It will save you money in the long run to keep up some regular maintenance of your drivetrain.  Pushys sponsored athlete, Ricky Swindale, shares his recommendations in his article on cleaning your chain, or check out these tips on how to recognise when to replace your drivetrain.

Clear Coat Spray


A high gloss spray, like the Maxima SC1 Clear Coat pictured above, is designed to act as a shield, preventing grit from sticking to your bike, keeping it cleaner for longer.  An added benefit is the glossy sheen it provides, bringing back your bike’s as-new sparkle.  They are intended to be used right after you clean your bike, so grab some bike cleaning essentials and get stuck in – you’ll be glad you did it!

New Brake Pads


If you’re running worn brake pads, your stopping will feel doughy and it will take longer to stop than it normally should.  For around $10, you can restore your braking power back to brand new.  It’s only a few minutes’ job to replace your brake pads, and you’ll instantly notice the difference.

By using these simple and cheap methods to regenerate your bike, your bike will feel like new again, which might even regenerate your motivation to get back out on the bike more often, so show your bike some TLC and then get out there and enjoy your ‘new’ rig!

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