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What to do when it’s wet outside?

There is nothing better than strapping up your shoes, wearing your favourite kit and heading out in the warm sun for a ride. But what happens when the sky turns grey and it starts raining? Stay in bed? Tough it out in the rain? How about neither, staying in bed is just plain lazy and toughing it out in the rain is a recipe for disaster, with slippery white lines, leaked car fuel and poor visibility.

The answer? Maximise your workout with an indoor training session.

Recently, I have been injured again after a nasty fall left me with an avulsion fracture at the ATFL, after a demon banksia pod decided to introduce me to the tar. As a result, I have become very intimate with my indoor trainer which I would usually reserve for wet weather days only.

Indoor training is a bore… right? Well, it doesn’t need to be; with the right tools you can enjoy your indoor training sessions and increase your fitness. Avoid poor weather and reduce your training load with effective use of your indoor trainer.

The latest and greatest Wahoo Kickr model can turn your boring indoor training ride into a virtual group ride. Simply hook yourself up with Zwift and you will find yourself immersed in a virtual world of riding where you can still enjoy interaction with fellow riders using hand gestures all whilst pushing out the watts in the safety of your own home.

Check out the full range of smart and interactive trainers at

The answer? Maximise your workout with an indoor training session.

Benefits of training indoors vs outdoors

  1. Avoid the wet and cold weather
  2. Avoid congested roads
  3. Focus on your training session without distraction
  4. Training quality increased (minimal free wheeling, waiting for lights etc..)
  5. Improve mental strength and ability to concentrate

Whilst there is nothing like the feeling of the wind in your hair on a ride with mates, indoor training could be your key to unlocking your potential on the bike. At the very least it will get you on the bike even when the weather turns sour. As for me, not only will I continue to integrate indoor workouts into my training plan after I am over my injury, but I may very well substitute outdoor sessions with indoor sessions to maximise my training time.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys Sponsored athlete

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