Product Review

Giro Aerohead

The Aerohead is Giro’s latest offering in the time trial helmet market. Aero helmets offer great aerodynamic benefits for their relative costs (similar benefits to aero wheels with significantly less cost); it should be the first point of call for anyone looking to reduce drag and improve their speed.

The Aerohead has a more subtle tail design than its predecessor, the Giro Selector. This allows the rider to drop the head slightly more and also not worry about a long tail sticking up in the air.

The shell has 4 wind tunnel vents which helps reduce overheating. I have found this helmet to be one of the better full aero helmets, with ample room inside to allow air flow. Some aero helmets have the visor very close to the face, which doesn’t allow air to move around the head.

A Zeiss optics lens wraps around the front of the helmet providing a 180-degree field of vision. The lens is attached by strong magnets, and can also be clipped on the top of the helmet, which is very handy when trying to put the helmet on in transition. This allows for easy transitions and the lens can be put on whilst on the road.

The Aerohead is also Giro’s first aero helmet to integrate MIPS (multi-impact protection system). MIPS is a Swedish company that created slip planes in helmets; this is to reduce the rotational component of an impact, which is thought to be one of the main causes of brain injury. MIPS dramatically reduces crash impacts compared to helmets with no rotational interface.

There are a lot of options on the market, with a lot coming down to fit and individual riding position, however the Aerohead is a great all round performer.

By Mike Phillips – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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