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Rider Review – KOO Open Polycarbonate Sunglasses

I never really gave much thought to how sunglasses could affect my training and racing. I was always adamant that I would wear glasses of some kind to at least protect my eyes from flying debris, but when my husband’s optometrist told him the issues he was having were a result of sun exposure, it was time to reconsider.

koo-open-polycarbonate-sunglasses-black-red-PUSHYS-CEY00002.226I chose the KOO Open Polycarbonate sunglasses (in black, of course) as they had a number of features I really liked. The innovate folding pivot and flip-in arm design was the highlight and it hasn’t disappointed. I am confident that this will prevent many a snapped arm from occurring, and additionally, it offers micrometric arm adjustment to allow for airflow. When you stop suddenly on a cold morning and the heat of your breath fogs up your glasses, this becomes a really handy feature to prevent that happening.

koo-open-polycarbonate-sunglasses-light-blue-PUSHYS-CEY00002.210.jpgMost notable for me is the wide, clear vision field. The pairs I have previously been wearing, whilst stylish I am sure, do not cover my eyes well enough to prevent freezing air getting in and making me look like I’m sobbing my way through my ride, with tears streaming down my cheeks as my eyeballs freeze! In the past few weeks of cold weather – nothing. Not so much as a single tear, and the absolute bonus is that this coverage does not come at the expense of having marks on my face like the ones my goggles leave.

koo-open-polycarbonate-sunglasses-pink-navy-blue-matte-PUSHYS-CEY00002.257.jpgEven though they are designed for cycling, I’ve used mine regularly for the run leg of my training with great success. They don’t bounce up and down like others do, they don’t slide down the bridge of your nose, thanks to the adjustable nose bridge, and they sit easily on your head as you run through for your finish line photo! They are a great addition to my KASK helmets, and the Carl Zeiss lenses are super simple to change out from clear to tinted should the need arise.

By Michelle Cooper – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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