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Renthal Fatbar Lite Review

Handlebars are a pretty important component on a mountain bike. Quite simply, no handlebar, no riding. A handlebar needs to be well designed, offering the crucial combination of lightness, strength, durability, and comfort, as well as looking visually appealing.

After using an alternative brand of carbon handlebars for a number of years and finding it time to replace the handlebars due to wear and tear, and not really wanting to buy expensive carbon bars again, I decided to try an alloy Renthal Fatbar Lite handlebar. The particular handlebar I purchased was a 31.8 x 740mm 7° Sweep with a 20 mm rise handlebar. I was able to put it straight onto my bike without requiring it to be cut down and, I must say, I am impressed. The handlebar feels sturdy, handles great and has a very high quality look and feel to it.

The Renthal Fatbar Lite is constructed from high strength 7 series aluminium, a taperwall tube design is used to minimise weight (only 269gm) whilst maintaining maximum strength and durability. The bar has a textured surface finish. It has been put through a hard anodising process (which creates the aluminium/gold colour) and creates a surface that is nearly resistant to scratching and gouging, which for me is very important as I have been known to do a few endo’s from time to time which left my old carbon bars looking a bit worse for wear! The bars also have positioning grids to set your preferred angle, and width marks (which allow you to cut the bar accurately to suit your riding style) laser marked on them. They also have permanent graphics that look good on any bike.

Renthal-bar.jpgThe Renthal Fatbar Lite handlebars come in a variety of rises to suit any riding style. They include 10mm, 20mm, 30mm and 38mm rise options. They are all available in 740mm width. This can be easily cut to size as required. They are only available in the one colour, which is gold, but in my opinion using this colour on any colour bike sets it off.

I thoroughly recommend this alloy Renthal Fatbar Lite handlebar; it is excellent value for money. It is reliable, hard wearing, and looks great. After trying this alloy handlebar I will never go back to using expensive carbon handlebars again.

By Jodi Newton – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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