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Vittoria G+ Corsa Road Tyres

The G+ Corsa is the latest iteration of the long-standing Vittoria Corsa range. The new version incorporates the 4C G+ graphene compound, to replace the Corsa SC and CX range. The G+ is a graphene compound which reduces rolling resistance, improves grip, lowers weight and decreases wear.

There are two versions in the G+ range. The Standard Corsa G+ compromises between speed, grip, puncture protection and durability. This is the best all round option; with 2.25mm of tread, it should have good durability. The Corsa Speed G+ is purely optimised towards low rolling resistance, and only has 1.5mm of tread, suggesting it will wear much quicker than the standard version.


vittoria-corsa-tubular-graphene-tubular-tyre-black-tanwallThe tubular versions use a latex tube. The latex tube loses pressure quicker than that of a tyre with a butyl tube, but it offers reduced rolling resistance. The valve stem is approximately 50mm long with a removable valve core. If you are running deep dish wheels, you will also need to order the right length adapter to ensure enough valve is showing. I recommend Vittoria’s own extenders, as they are much more reliable than the standard ones which screw over the valve. The tyres run slightly wider than that listed, so keep this in mind when ordering. My 23c measures around 24mm.

The tyres ride very similarly to the old Corsa range, supple and grippy on the corners. However, when wet, the new tyres really show the improvements; they have noticeably more grip than the old version. I am yet to race on these tyres, but I am really excited to test out their speed!

Vittoria has also incorporated graphene into their other ranges of mountain bike, commuter, and road training tyres.

By Mike Phillips – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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