Christmas wishlist of a cyclist

Trying to find the perfect Christmas gift can be difficult – braving crowds of stressed shoppers and tired children, and trying to make rational decisions around incessant Christmas carols that make you want to strangle Rudolf. How about taking some of the stress out of it and ordering online instead? No bustling crowds, no crying children begging for a candy cane, no Christmas carols, just a neatly packaged delivery right to your door. Whether you’re looking for ideas for someone or you’re looking to send someone the right hints for your own Christmas wishlist, here are some gift suggestions for the cyclists in your lives.

Fitness Trackers


Whether they’re a rider, runner, walker, triathlete, swimmer, or hiker, this one is sure to put a smile on their face. With a huge range of features such as heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking, elevation measurements and swim tracking, these activity trackers are an essential for anyone who likes to stay active. There’s a variety of styles so you can find something to suit everyone, and not only are they fun to play with as you learn their features and track your activities, they can also help to motivate and make sure you meet your fitness goals because it’s so easy to watch your progress with every single activity.

New Kit

20072017-collection-womensroad-prettyflorals.jpgOther than a new bike itself, nothing makes you want to get out for your next ride quite like a new kit. For someone new to cycling who might not yet have riding kit, trying their first cycling jersey and comfortable knicks can be life-changing. There are heaps of styles to choose, and they’re much easier to gift wrap than a new bike.

Check out the premium collections available at Pushys, or get in quick for the clearance sales on Sugoi, Craft and Volta.


This is on the list because a cyclist can never have too many pairs of gloves. It’s the thing you’re always searching for just before running out the door for a 5am ride, only to find two left gloves or two from mismatching pairs. It’s the thing that you’ll take off first after a ride and pop on the top of the car (just for second) as you pack your bike and gear into the car, and then you’ll jump in the car and drive away, sending the now homeless gloves flying off into the world, never to be seen again. We’ve all done it. Depending on how you ride, gloves can also wear out fairly quickly, so a new pair of gloves for Christmas is never a bad idea.


Check out this recent review of the Fox Ranger Gel gloves by one of the Pushys sponsored athletes, Jodi Newton, or check out the huge range of men’s and women’s gloves at Pushys. We’re also loving the awesome designs (as pictured above) by FIST Handwear!



Much like the new gloves, socks are always an essential and you can never have too many. Socks made for cycling and sports will be designed to generally allow your feet to ‘breathe’ better and feel more comfortable for those activities, so they’ll be much better than wearing your everyday work socks under your cycling shoes. Socks are good stocking filler for mountain bikers especially, because their socks, much like their shoes, clothing, bike and bodies, will frequently get covered in dirt and mud, so they start to look bad pretty quickly. To add a splash of colour to the Christmas stocking, check out the fun designs by MB Wear (as pictured above).



Garmin Varia 600lm/22lm USB Smart Bike Light Combo

Lights are an absolute must for anyone who commutes, not just to see where they’re going but, even more importantly, to be seen by vehicles on the road. For mountain bikers, night riding can bring a whole new element of excitement to the ride. A trail they might know back to front will look new and interesting under only the beam of their bike lights. There are a lot of bike lights to choose from, and some come in convenient front-and-back sets, so check out our article on choosing the right bike lights if you’d like to know more information on lights.


kask-mojito-helmet-navy-pink-PUSHYS-KASMOJ-NV-PN-PARA bike helmet should be replaced fairly frequently, so not only is it exciting to have a new helmet, it’s also important for safety. A quality bike helmet will be designed to be lightweight and have good ventilation, so it can also really help with the comfort of their ride to have a good helmet. There’s a huge range of road helmets and MTB helmets available, and pictured here is one from the range of KASK helmets, which come in a great range of colours to perfectly match their bike and kit!



If tools are a bit of a daunting area of choice, here’s an article on some of the tools they’ll need to set up their own workshop.


Other useful consumables are chain lube and bike cleaning kits, which make great stocking fillers for any bike enthusiasts.


scicon-aero-comfort-3.0-tsa-road-bag-bicycle-bag-miami-green-SCITP053-SCMG-NSBike bag

For the avid traveller who loves to ride, you can’t go past a new bike bag. If your cyclist friend isn’t planning to travel somewhere new with their bike, well, they should be, so give them a nudge with one of these beautiful companions.

Here’s a Pushys sponsored athlete review on the Scicon Aerocomfort 3 bike bag, and check out the full range of Scicon bike bags.


For the cyclist or kid who lives for a lifestyle on two wheels, or for the walker who might just like to go a little faster, a scooter can be a great way to get around. They can fold up small to be thrown into a backpack or carried on a peak hour train, so they’re useful for travelling, commuting, riding to school or for some weekend tricks in the bike park.


A new bike!


This one is particularly for the kids, because there are less specifics you need to personalise when it comes to kids’ bikes. But there is no better way to brighten a kid’s Christmas morning than with a brand new bike waiting under the tree.

razor-dirt-rocket-mx350-kids-electric-dirt-bike-S0227Whether a balance bike, a BMX, or something a little less traditional like the Razor Dirt Rocket MX350 Electric Dirt Bike (pictured left), there’s sure to be something in the Pushys range of kids bikes that they’ll treasure!

Check out our article on choosing the right bike for kids.


Whatever they want!


If you still can’t decide what to get them for Christmas, or if they’re that person that just always seems to have everything, there’s always the gift of – anything they like – with a Pushys Gift Card! Then they get to buy what they want, and you don’t have to worry about fumbling your way through the gift wrapping!

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