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Scicon Aerocomfort 3 TSA bike bag

July in Sydney is getting kind of cold and I was lucky enough to go and spend some time recently with the Pushys crew on the Sunshine Coast and do some riding up there in the warmer weather……IMG_5896

Unfortunately Dad didn’t realise that mountain bikes are a LOT longer than road bikes, and he thought I could use his roadie bike bag…. which we found out very quickly just doesn’t fit!

IMG_5907Luckily the guys at Pushys (thanks Keiren!) were brilliant and I have got my hands on the latest and greatest Scicon Aerocomfort 3 TSA bike bag.

The bag itself arrives packed in a really cool little duffle bag, and when you get it unpacked you need to put the fork stand in the aluminium frame, and then place the frame into the base of the bag. Make sure that you remove the skewer guides that are in the axle mounts if you have ‘thru axles’ as most MTBs do…. At this point it’s pretty ready to go and an absolute no brainer to get your bike in… but there are some really good youtube guides to walk you through the process if you want to make sure (like we did!)

One thing to make sure of before you order is to ensure your bike will fit into the bag mounts themselves, luckily there is a ‘will my bike fit’ guide on the Scicon site to make sure the bag is right for you. With mountain bikes becoming longer and lower its really important to make sure before you order.
(Visit the page above and click on the “Will your bike fit” tab).

My Dad was dreading packing the bike and left us plenty of time, but we were both amazed at how little time it actually took to get my bike in the frame and all sorted.

IMG_5910As for travelling with a bike, the weight limits that airline companies enforce can be quite restrictive. With my bike packed in, and a pile of other stuff including my shoes, helmet, and tools, the whole thing came in at just under 24kgs, well inside the prepaid baggage limit.


The rollers on the bottom of the bag made walking with it really easy! With the bike bag, my checked bag (on rollers) and a back pack, and had to walk to the railway station, then inside the terminal to get to the airport from our home at Cronulla. I had a chance to give it a really solid test, and I can’t say enough good things about this bag. If you have invested a lot of money in your ride then the price is well and truly worth it.

By Alex Unicomb – Pushys sponsored athlete

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