Product Review

Commencal Absolut

Dirt jumpers are starting to be seen everywhere. Pump tracks, dirt jumps and skateparks are common places to find someone on a dirt jumper. More and more companies are making dirt jumpers. Having experience riding many dirt jumpers, I found that the Commencal Absolut is easily my favourite.

The first thing you will notice when you ride this bike is its weight. It is extremely light, but don’t be fooled, its weight does not mean it’s fragile. I’ve tested this bike at my local dirt jumps, skatepark and pump track, and it handles all three categories without any downfall. The frame’s geometry is long and tall. My only complaint with this bike is the chain slap. No matter how perfect you get the tension on the chain, it tends to always slip back to that annoying chain slap noise that we all hate, but there are options to solve this problem though. Frame protectors and taking out a link in the chain are some of these options. I have put an AMS Frame Guard on my bike, as the paint does tend to chip very easily.


My confidence on a dirt jumper has improved since I’ve owned this bike. I have been doing lines and jumps that I originally thought were impossible, and my skills and technique for pumping, flow and style have all increased dramatically. Not only is this bike amazing to ride, it is a sick looking bike. The tan wall tires and the sleek frame design make for a bike that gets you pumped to go for a ride.

I strongly recommend the Commencal Absolut to anyone that has had some experience with dirt jumping and wants to check out a bike they’re sure to enjoy.

By Alex Unicomb – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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