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Helmet Review: Kask Bambino Pro

I started racing a track bike at the age of two. I could not wait for the time where I got to the age division where I could ride my first time trial. Cycling NSW regulations prohibits you wearing an aero helmet until the under-15 age division. My helmet of choice for my first time trial was the KASK Bambino Pro.

The KASK Bambino Pro represents the aero lid technology. The high performance Bambino shell is super aerodynamic in all head positions. The helmet can cope with wind blowing from any direction.

The helmet has wonderful ventilation due to the six air intakes on the front of the helmet and the four exhaust vents on the back of the helmet. The aerodynamics of the KASK Bambino has been tested in wind tunnels.

kask-bambino-pro-helmet-white-black-medium-PUSHYS-KASBMP-M-WT-BKThe Kask Bambino is the most comfortable helmet I have ever worn. I choose to wear the KASK Bambino helmet on the road for the individual time trial and on the track for both team and individual pursuits. I have also worn the helmet in bunch events such as the Keirin and Scratch races.

The Bambino features a magnetically attached visor, which stays in place even at high speeds. These visors are able to be purchased separately and come in silver, mirrored and clear.

The helmet is very light in weight, weighing around 400g, including the visor. I choose to wear the 55-58 cm size which is the medium size. The helmet includes tri-dimensional 3D DRY padding which is 5mm thick.

Although there are a number of aero helmets available in the market at the moment, I really believe that the KASK Bambino helmet is one that you cannot go past. It is competitive in both cost and versatility, and I use this helmet for both track racing and road racing events. The cost of a KASK bambino helmet is around the five hundred dollar mark (AUD), but considering the helmet is so versatile, it is definitely value for money.
I have been racing the national championships in Brisbane this week and, hands down, the KASK Bambino is the most popular helmet of choice with the track riders.

By Kurt Eather – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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  1. I have one and I wouldn’t say it’s value for money (it’s very expensive, with extra visors costing about $70-80 each). However, I did take a fall going downhill at over 40k/h and I credit this helmet for saving my left cheek from extensive damage. The Bambino covers your face very well.


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