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New Bike Day: Rocky Mountain Altitude Carbon 70

After making the hard decision to replace the trusty Giant Reign, it took me a while to decide what my next bike would be. It’s always hard to part with a bike that you have so many good memories with.

I had been eyeing off a Rocky Mountain Slayer for a while, but in the end I decided to go with the Rocky Mountain Altitude, with 160mm front and 150mm rear travel it’s definitely got the travel to have a lot of fun! The final build weight of the Altitude came in at 13.2kg with tubeless setup.

The final build on this bike is a fairly simple process, it comes mostly assembled, so it’s just a matter of removing all the protective padding and finishing off the build:

  1. Converting to tubeless
  2. Installing the front brake calliper and wheel
  3. Install the handlebars
  4. The dropper outer cable is already installed in the frame, so it super quick to install and setup the seat post
  5. Fine tune the gears

If purchasing a built bike from Pushys, all of this will be completed by Pushys before re-boxing into a larger box and shipping. When the bike arrives at your house, you will usually have to un-clip the handlebars from the side of the bike, and attach them to the stem.

Seeing the actual bike in the flesh, I can now say that the finish quality and overall appearance is very impressive. I just love that blue! The internal routing keeps things looking clean, and aside from the weight benefits, the smooth finish of a carbon frame really is worth the money in my opinion, especially when you’re buying one bike to do it all!

The Altitude Carbon 70 comes in two different drive train options, either Shimano XT or Sram Eagle GX. In the past I’ve always ridden Shimano, but this time I opted to try out 12 speed and went for the Eagle GX build. So far the groupset has worked flawlessly, and the extra gearing really does make a difference on steep climbs.

Now, time to go for another ride!

By David Carruthers

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