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Cheap ways to keep warm on the bike this winter


Winter is fast approaching which means many of us hibernate whilst our beloved bike collects dust. Fear not though… there is no need to neglect your faithful friend just because there is a chill in the air. The solution… keep your extremities cosy.

It’s no secret that as you ride, you warm up. Often we will layer up a little too much only to be sweating it out towards the end of a long winter ride.

Essentials that go a long way

  • Long fingered gloves: Make sure they have grippy fabric on the palms and fingers to avoid slipping. Check out Full Fingered Road Gloves at Pushys
  • Toe warmers: Covering the front half of your feet with a neoprene type toe warmer will help keep the chill at bay. Check out Shoe Covers at Pushys
  • Quality wind vest: That chilly winter air can go right through you. Check out Vests at Pushys, or try the following cheap rider hack…

Cheap rider hacks that won’t break the bank

  • Newspaper as a windbreaker: An oldie but a goodie. Put the daily newspaper that you never read to good use. Slip it between your jersey and your skin and wrap around your chest. When you get warm, mid ride. Toss the paper in the nearest bin. Simple and effective!

Tip: For increased protection – fold the paper in half.

  • Alfoil on the toes: When it is super cold out or you are going to be out there a while, wrap your feet in foil. Then put your socks over the top. Warm and snuggly.

Make sure you have your essentials before winter is well and truly upon us. That way you won’t miss a day of riding time, and you will enjoy your time on the bike so much more.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete

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