Product Recommendation

Lezyne chain breaker


This little chain breaker is an absolute beauty! For years I have been running a bulky, heavy, don’t even know what cheap brand it was, chain breaker in my toolkit. I must admit, I do have a bit of a bias towards Lezyne products. I have had Lezyne pumps in the past and have been very impressed with the quality – they just feel nice to use – and they have the great option of being able to replace faulty components. A pump and a chain breaker are quite different I know but I took my biased gamble.

Trials is a very brutal sport on bikes, particularly chains, and by that I mean chains smashing against rocks on failed attempts. It’s the perfect sport to test the strength and durability of a chain, it will take it through its paces. Having said that, I have recently had to replace a few chains and I found my old chain breaker very cumbersome to use in comparison to Lezyne’s. A notable feature I really liked was the open top where the chain pin gets pushed out. It allows you to see how far the pin has come out ie. How far you have to turn. The contoured, CNC machined, steel body just feels nice and smooth in your hands; no sharp edges to snag on. It also comes with two Mavic splined and two square wrenches integrated in the body which is a neat little addition. It can be used for 8, 9 and 10 speed chains so it covers a few bases. Most importantly, it’s compact and light to keep in the toolkit.

If you’re in the market for a light, little chain breaker to live in your toolkit this is a great option!

By Janine Jungfels – Pushys sponsored athlete

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