Product Review

Garmin Edge 520

garmin-edge-520-010-01368-00The Garmin Edge 520 is a follow-on from the classic 500, but with a few extra features. It has has a very good sized screen to display its many data screen options, and it also connects to your smartphone. The 520 comes with a selection of small plastic attachments that can be applied to the bike with two strong elastic bands or an out-front mount. You can set up multiple profiles and select the ride metrics that you’ll display for each, and you can even choose to apply a different colour scheme to each profile. Garmin offers a huge choice of data readings including all the basics such as distance, speed (in all guises) heart rate, elevation and even average grade, cadence, and calories burned. You can also hook your Garmin up to your android or iPhone, allowing cable-free transfer of garmin-edge-520-010-01368-00-segmentrides, and if you want you can even view your calls and texts.

In terms of battery life, Garmin states 15 hours, and with the screen brightness at a sensible level, it could last a week of good riding with ease. New for the Garmin Edge 520 is the ability to automatically track VO2 max and FTP, provided you’re using a heart rate monitor and power meter. The major difference between the Garmin Edge 520 and its big brother, the Garmin Edge 820, is that the smaller of the two does not include detailed maps and navigation, although you can also get the Garmin Edge 520 Plus, which has advanced navigation for only a slightly higher price tag.

garmin-edge-520-010-01368-00-connectedThe Garmin Edge 520 comes set up with a ‘basemap’ which is pretty much the epitome of basic mapping, it’s very lacking in detail, however you can download a route onto your Garmin and receive ‘turn left/turn right’ navigation alerts. The maps and navigation work but they’re not to the same standard as the 810, but for a bike computer that comes in below the $500 price point, the Garmin Edge 520 is affordable and packed with handy features.

By Dylan Eather – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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