Product Recommendation

Shimano RC9 S-Phyre Road Shoe

The Shimano RC9 S-Phyre road shoe is the best cycling shoe I have used; even though it’s a road shoe, it’s also great for use on the track. These shoes are one of the lightest cycling shoes that are out today but even though they’re light they’re also stiff. The stiffness of the shoe is what makes it a great choice for the track, even for the sprint at the 2017 track nationals. I won the Team Sprint and Keirin with this shoe.

There are a lot of pro’ riders that use this shoe, which shows just how good quality it is; for example, Leigh Howard, the cyclist who just broke the world record in the team pursuit at the Commonwealth Games, opts for this shoe. Also, the shoes are so comfortable they’re great for riding long distances, which works well for me now that I’ve started doing longer rides. This is is the first time Shimano have used the Boa System, and I think that was a very beneficial feature to add. The Boa System allows you to tighten or loosen your shoe whenever you need to. It’s a great system because when you are doing track events, it lets you have the shoe very tight, which is better for reaching your max power. One of the other new options Shimano have introduced are the S-Phyre socks. These socks are quite tight, which is ideal for aerodynamics, making them a good choice for time trials on the road and pursuits on the track.


In my opinion, the Shimano RC9 S-Phyre road shoe is possibly the best cycling shoe ever made. They help me ride to my full potential because of all the key features and technology Shimano have added, and this has helped me with many of my races.

By Kurt Eather – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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