Sponsored Riders

ccscycling Team


Canberra’s newest NRS Team for Canberra based elite female riders. The primary objective is to promote and support (sponsored by Canberra built business’s) Canberra’s highest performing cyclists, at a competitive level whilst being engaged with the Canberra cycling community as a whole. The team also encompasses the U19 classification and creates a strong pathway for Canberra cyclists from a junior level through to a national level.

Team Instagram: ccscycling
Twitter: @CCScycling

Team Riders

allison-smallAllison Rice
Instagram: alliricee
Twitter: @alli_ricey
ayla-smallAyla Rudgley
Instagram: rudgley_a
Twitter: @ayla_rudgley
belinda-smallBelinda Chamberlain
Instagram: bj_chambo
Twitter: @bj_chambo
em-smallEm Viotto
Instagram: viotto777
Twitter: @EmViotto1
lauren-smallLauren Thomas
Instagram: thomaslg_2000
Twitter: TBA
maryann-smallDirector Sportif – Maryann Simpson
Instagram: maryannsimpson7
Twitter: @MASimpson8


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