Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Dylan Eather

How did you get into the sport:
I started attending cycling events even before I could walk. Mum would take me to watch my big brother and father race at Dubbo. It was just in my blood to race and I started racing at 2 years old following my brother.

Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Kurt Eather

How did you get into the sport: I started racing with the Dubbo Cycle Club at the age of two. I would attend the local club track racing nights with my father Vaughn who also raced. I started off in the tiny tots division on my training wheels before progressing to a 20 inch track bike at the age of four.

Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Jodi Newton

I am 40 years old and live in Rockhampton,Qld with my husband and two children where I am employed as a Forest Ranger. I started riding MTB in 2013 at the age of 36. My cycling discipline of choice is now Gravity Enduro but I started out in XC.

Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Alex Unicomb

I try to stay as fit as I can. For me, this involves riding at least twice a day, even if it’s at my local park riding little jumps that my mates and I make. My best mate Talon Hartwell pushes me to stay as fit as I can by riding with me all the time.

Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Janine Jungfels

How did you get into your sport: I was introduced to the sport of trials through a family friend who had a history of riding motorcycle trials. I tried my friends Monty trials bike and was hooked from that day on.

Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Mike Phillips

State: NZ
Sport: Ironman / Triathlon

When did you start racing as a professional: I competed in ITU until I did my first half ironman race in 2015 in Challenge Taiwan. I have since raced 12 half ironmans finishing 2nd in 9 of them!