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Giro Synthe Helmet

thelink-article-022018-dylanGoing back a few weeks ago I purchased myself a new Giro Synthe helmet. What a purchase this has turned out to be.

The Giro Synthe was first released back in 2014. It has fast been regarded as one of the most favoured helmets amongst all types of cyclists. The helmet offers plenty of hidden extras, including such values as breathability, style and aerodynamics. It’s also the helmet worn by the pro team BMC.

The Giro Synthe is a very light weight, weighing around 234g for the medium size. It has a slimline buckle and an internal roll cage reinforcement. It is not cut off from air supply like some of your typical helmets can be. It has 26 wind tunnel vents with internal channeling designed to boost their efficiency, and it’s more breathable than Giro’s other aero helmet, the Aeon. The venting on the Synthe also provides excellent cooling.

giro-synthe-road-helmet-red-matte-black-gh5syntrbk-par.jpgOne of the main differences with the Giro Synthe compared to many other helmets is the wind tunnel testing that was done during the design process. This extensive testing revealed that the Giro Synthe is clearly as effective as the fastest time trial helmets. With the Synthe, you don’t have to choose between aerodynamics and cooling, as this helmet covers the overall package. It is definitely the most comfortable helmet I have ever purchased, and is suitable to be used for racing or just for everyday training.

The Giro Synthe has had very high ratings by product reviewers. It has been a winner of the editors choice award and a favourite for the all-round helmet for training and racing. The helmet has a large list of advantages but the best advantage is the price; it’s a very high-end product with a very affordable price tag. The Synthe retails for around the $300 mark in Australia.

I choose to wear my Giro Synthe helmet for both track and road. I highly recommend you get your hands on one of these great helmets.

By Dylan Eather – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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