The ProfiMount Professional Bicycle Repair Stand


The ProfiMount Professional Bicycle Repair Stand or as I like to call it “The Stand”, apart from having a name that just rolls off the tongue, is an awesome stand to use! It has excellent stability with the ‘V’ leg design and is relatively low weight thanks to its aluminium tubing; weighing in at only 5.4kg.

Previous to owning ‘The Stand’ I just used the floor when working on both my trials and mountain bike – doing my back absolutely no favours. I also recall using a friend’s old milk crate at one point but thankfully those days are over. The quick release system is probably the best part of the whole design. Having a 20” and a 26” requires different height setups which is fast and easy to do with this quick release system. If you like simplicity and efficiency as much as I do, than this stand will tick all your boxes.

The Stand also has a convenient clamping mechanism allowing you to use either the frame or the seat post to secure your bike. Once it’s clamped, there’s a practical tray for all your bits and pieces ie. tools, lubricants or components, so you don’t have to reach over to the just out of reach item you have sitting on the bench. A really cool feature is its 360 degree rotating turntable which allows access to your bike from any angle.

Once I’m finished with The Stand I pack it away in its carry bag. It’s a robust material and has a strap which I use to hang it up in the shed whilst being stored. I can’t fault the ProfitMount Professional Bicycle Repair Stand as it’s catered for all my bike maintenance needs, plus it’s currently available for a great price at Pushys.

By Janine Jungfels – Pushys sponsored athlete

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