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Pushys Sponsored Athlete: Janine Jungfels

State: Queensland
Sport: Bike Trials
Current Bike: 2016 20” Clean X2

How did you get into your sport: I was introduced to the sport of trials through a family friend who had a history of riding motorcycle trials. I tried my friends Monty trials bike and was hooked from that day on.

Hardest thing about your sport: Definitely having patience. Trials is one of, if not, the most technical cycling discipline. It requires a lot of balance, co-ordination, physical and mental strength. For this reason, it’s remained quite a niche sport because it’s very difficult and requires a lot of practice and patience. If you love a challenge, then this is the sport for you!

What does your regular training week consist of: I do a lot of on and off the bike training, in a week. I aim to ride the trials bike at least 3-4 times a week to work on technical skills. Off the bike consists of gym work which is a combination of strength and speed exercises, as well as core. I go to the gym about 3 times a week.

How do you keep motivated: With trials there’s always a technique you can improve on, whether it be getting that extra 1cm in the side hop by changing your compression hop, learning pedal stroke timing for front moves, etc. I never get bored with trials as there’s always something new you can work on to improve, that’s why I love it.

Goals: To win back the rainbow jersey in 2017! I would also love to ride a complete world cup (wcs) season, but it’s really hard because of the financial restraints with all the wcs being held in Europe. I will at least get to ride 3 of the 6 world cups in July.

Best piece of advice you have been given: Keep pushing! If your competitors want to beat you, then they have to hurt more than you.

2017 Results:

  • 1st Australian Womans Trials National Champion
  • 3rd UCI World Cup Rnd2, Austria
  • 1st French National Cup
  • 3rd UCI World Cup Rnd3, France
  • 5th UCI Urban World Championship, China

Previous Results:

  • 2016 UCI Trials Womans Vice Champion
  • 2015 UCI Trials Womans World Champion
  • 2015 BIU Trials Womans World Champion
  • 17 World Cup podiums, 6 top step finishes
  • Multiple Female Trials National Champion
  • 2014 & 2015 Australian Female Mtb of the Year
  • 2015 Logan Sports Woman of the Year

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