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Race Checklist (long distance Triathlon)


Part of racing in a short or long distance triathlon events is the travel. It is not often one of these events is in your home city. Travelling can be stressful, especially remembering the gear required of the three separate disciplines. I like to make a checklist, broken down into each part of the race, this sometimes needs to be adapted to the destination you are competing (eg, if very hot you may want bottle for run etc.). Although somewhat trivial, often forgetting a piece of equipment can result in an effected performance using equipment you are not used to, or expensive if you need to buy equipment at the race site.

Pre and Post race:
Warm clothes for before the swim start (and after the swim warm up), Recovery food if you have a preferrence, Clean set of clothes to change into post race, Identification, Money

Goggles (One with clear sense and one shaded, for varying light conditions), Cap, Swimskin or Wetsuit (or both if the temperature is borderline), Race belt, Trisuit, Vaseline/Body glide, Old towel to wipe hands

Bike, Shoes, Helmet, Pump, Spare tire/tube, Computer/Gps, Spare batteries, Drink bottles, Di2 Charger (or remember to charge pre travel), Tool kit, Co2 cannisters, Pitstop, Bento box (if not integrated to bike), Tyre levers.

Watch, Cap or Visor, Sunglasses, Run bottle, Racing/Training Shoes

Nutrition (Gels, Bars, Drink), Sunscreen, Race belt, Heart rate strap

There will be other items specific to the individual, but making a list and beginning to pack a few days before departure can result in a much smoother trip. Try and stock up on essentials well in advance to save the hassle and stress of last minute trips/orders to get the equipment you need. Hope you enjoy your next trip!

By Mike Phillips – Pushys sponsored athlete

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