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FUMPA PUMPS: No ordinary pump – the traveller’s best friend

thelink-article-092018-rickyFoot pumps are great. They allow you to get air in your tyre quickly without much fuss. The only problem is that they are large, often heavy, and cumbersome to travel with. Hand pumps, on the other hand, are easy to travel with, but our cyclist arms have well and truly met their match when it comes to inflating tyres to a decent pressure.

Well, there is a new pump out there which is set to change your life forever. Enter, the Fumpa Electric Bike Pump. The pint sized, USB-chargeable device that will inflate your tyres in seconds with zero effort, and it fits in your back pocket.

Travel with your bike?
If you’re like me and you travel with your bike then this is an absolute must-have item. The mini Fumpa has changed my travel life forever. A standard pump will weigh at least 2kg, and is a difficult item to travel with. Get yourself a mini Fumpa and you’ll reduce the weight added to your luggage, right down to just 190g (or 300g for the standard Fumpa). The mini Fumpa is about the size of a rolled up inner tube; it is worth it just for this reason alone!

fumpa-electric-bike-pump-wdcdsv20Ease of use and inflation
Inflation is an absolute breeze. Simply attach the Fumpa to your valve and push the button. It works just like a standard pump, but without the effort. It’s powered by an internal battery that is USB-chargeable. Simply plug it into your Garmin, Apple or other USB-compatible charging device and you refresh the battery and get another few pumps out of the unit.

A replacement for Co2?
Absolutely! Forget handing out $2 every time you fix a puncture with a Co2 inflator. The mini Fumpa fits perfectly inside your back pocket and is good for approximately two inflated tyres off a single charge (up to 120psi for each). If you are a traveller, then this would be a welcome relief. No more arguments or wondering how you’re going to take your Co2’s with you when you have to take a flight.

Whilst I’m sure many people will use the Fumpa exclusively as a complete replacement for the trusty foot pump, Co2, or hand pump, I personally have this as an addition to my arsenal of tools. My mini Fumpa is the most handy tool I have when travelling as I can now fit my wetsuit and running shoes inside my bike box without the dreaded worry of going over the weight limit.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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