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How to choose the right helmet

thelink-article-062018-rickyWhen it comes to purchasing a new helmet, the most important thing is protecting your head. It is good to know that every helmet Pushys sell meets industry standards and will help protect you should the worst happen. With protection a given, let’s look at a few extra things that can help you ride faster, and do it in style and comfort.

Just like shoes, every head is different and every position on the bike is unique. So, what do you look for when choosing your next helmet? Here are a few questions worth asking yourself.

troy-lee-designs-a2-as-mips-helmet-decoy-dark-grey-flo-pink-19348581-PARWhat will you use the helmet for?
Offroad, time trial, triathlon, road, or some other two-wheeled endeavour? Make sure the helmet fits the specific purpose. (Pictured right: Troy Lee Designs A2 AS MIPS Helmet, for mountain biking safety)

How do you sit on your bike?
Upright, aero, or constantly moving between the two? If you are looking for something to keep you cool, and aero benefits are not the be all and end all to you (for example, if you’re climbing mountains or sitting in a bunch ride), then something that is lightweight with many vents will go down a treat.

hjc-furion-road-helmet-glossy-pink-medium-large-1016ep56gpk1.jpgHow is your head positioned when riding?
If you’re looking for maximum aero benefits and have the ability to keep your head in one position, then something with a tail will be most beneficial. However, if you move your head around a bit and can’t quite tuck your head ‘inside’ your shoulders, then something with a short tail or snub-nosed helmet might be more suitable. (Pictured left: HJC Furion Road Helmet)

Weak neck and/or shoulder fatigue when riding:
If you get a sore neck or shoulders, it may be a good idea to look for a lightweight helmet. Let’s face it – the less there is weighing your head down the less stress it will place on your neck and shoulders when riding.

ESSENTIAL TIP: Selecting the right size helmet is important. Remember to measure your head with a flexible tape measure from just above your eyebrows and around the back of your head, then select your helmet size based on the measurement. Size up if you are on the cusp of two sizes but make sure that you get one that can be adjusted to fit your head snugly for safety.

When you have figured out what you will be using the helmet for and the size, then it’s time to make the decision on colour and style of helmet. Since everyone is different and my ‘cool’ may be your ‘fool’, I will leave that one entirely up to you.

Whatever your choice – wear it with confidence and make sure your kit matches your helmet.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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