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Travel tips for the cyclist

thelink-article-112018-rickyTravelling with your bicycle is a fantastic experience. Whether you’re experiencing another country or exploring your own, cycling is a great way to enjoy the outdoors. Here are some trusty tips to make your bicycle travel enjoyable.

1. Pack a multi-tool: Travelling with a portable set of Allen keys can save you an embarrassing trip to your local bike shop, especially if you only need to tighten a seatpost bolt.
2. Pack grease: Undoubtedly you will need to take your bike apart or loosen some bolts. Pack grease to ensure you can put everything back together safely.
3. Pack some spares: Experiencing new pastures is exciting, but make sure you’re prepared if you happen to get a puncture (you may not have trusty family or friends to call on should you be stranded).
4. Download navigation software for your phone: There is nothing worse than getting lost in an unknown area. I personally use Mapsme, a free app that works great. It requires no data when abroad and is great for finding your way back home or to the nearest coffee shop when you’re in need.
5. Check Strava maps or routes: Riding on known cycling routes is a must. Checking a ‘normal’ map may get you to where you’re going, but can often lead you to the local highway or dangerous roads.
6. Take notes: Comfort is the key to your travel happiness. Make sure you take notes on which bolts go where, and mark the location of your bars and saddle height. I use electrical tape to mark where my handlebars sit and seatpost height. This ensures when you arrive at your destination, that you are as comfortable as when you’re back home.

Hopefully these simple tips will put your mind at ease when travelling abroad. Enjoy your cycling trip and make sure you take plenty of photos to make your friends jealous.

Happy travels.

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys Sponsored Athlete

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