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Rider Review: Oakley Flight Jacket

DylanEather_OakleyFlightJacket_headerimageIn typical fashion Oakley has brought another love/hate product to the market in the form of the new Oakley Flight Jacket, which was launched in April 2018.

The new sunnies follow a similar design to the Oakley Jawbreakers. However, the new Oakley Flight Jackets removed the upper frame to help vision – especially whilst sprinting – and ventilation. Ventilation is also adjustable with a movable nose piece that basically can move the frames closer or further away from your face to give more airflow.

The Prizm™ lenses featured here are as good as ever, offering really good visuals in low or patchy light, allowing you to pick out potholes pretty neatly on descents.

They sit on the face nicely and the glasses fit around the temple and ears well. Though whilst riding on the road I didn’t have much of an issue with slippage down my nose, the arms can be adjusted to suit helmet styles and fit around the ears. The Oakley Flight Jackets almost felt a little bottom heavy, but these glasses are not heavy at all – maybe just unbalanced with all the frame being at the bottom of the glasses.

Ultimately these Oakley Flight Jackets are a great pair of sunnies for cycling. You get unobstructed view and great optics, whilst the great ventilation helps minimise heat build up of the face. I like the full black colour, and other colours are available.

By Dylan Eather – Pushys sponsored athlete

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