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Rider Review – Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Pads


I recently purchased a new set of knee pads and I went with the Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Pads. A huge thanks to Pushys for looking after me.

When choosing new knee pads I was looking for superior performance in a number of area’s. Protection, Comfort and Fit.

The new D30 material used around the kneecap is excellent in that its hardness allows the kneepads to slide over rocks and roots and not get snagged on edges. Previous knee pads have given moderate protection but sometimes you still get bruising from a harsh impact. These knee pads reduce that enormously. I have had some off’s since having these knee pads and my knees have been fully protected. With previous knee pads I would have felt some soreness from impacts to the knee, but not with the Launch Pro D30’s!

These knee pads are the most comfortable knee pads I have ever worn. I always wear long pants when I ride and so I put them on in the morning and wear them all day long. They are not excessively hot and they do not get itchy or irritable. The Hypoallergenic Ariaprene neoprene helps with breathability together with moisture wicking fabric keeps the pads dry. They remain comfortable even when I’m hot and sweaty.

These knee pads are slightly bigger which make them slightly heavier. I was concerned how they might fit under my pants. Eg would they look bulky and stick out? And would they be so tight that it limits my ability to bend my knee? Not at all.
They do fit comfortably under most of my pants but not all. I can bend my knee’s easily and the knee pads move a little but not too much. This could be overcome by increasing the length of the bottom Velcro strap. The extra weight is not noticeable when riding in Downhill, but might be an issue in an Enduro/Gravity setting.

The knee pads are easy to clean as I can remove the protective plate and wash the knee pads in the washing machine.

What improvements could Fox make? I would make a couple of suggestions. Getting them on and off and over the ankle is difficult. I would also look at the length of the bottom Velcro strap.

Overall the Fox Launch Pro D30 Knee Pads are excellent. The partnership with D30 has improved the protection and the comfort and fit elements have been well considered and executed. I would recommend these knee pads to other Downhill and Enduro/Gravity riders.

By Jordan Holzworth – Pushys sponsored athlete

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