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Gloves… retro look or for your own good?

As a triathlete, I am not usually one for wearing gloves other than long fingered to shelter my extremities from the cold. I always thought short fingered gloves were superfluous and only used for the benefits of extra padding, extra grip in the wet or if you were looking for that old school look from the Lance days. All that was until recently… when I crashed… hard.

After wearing long fingered gloves during the winter, I met the first few days of spring wearing short fingered gloves as a transition period to warmer weather and no glove riding. Well, I was quite amazed that whilst I lost a lot of skin, my hands were left unharmed. My gloves thankfully bore the brunt of the crash and whilst they did end up being torn, my hands were left entirely in-tact.

I had been told many times before that gloves will be a saviour in a crash, I often scoffed and convinced myself they can’t actually provide any benefit if I did have to crash. Well – I was wrong. I am now a convert and will be wearing gloves throughout the summer months.

Now to decide on the gloves. Should they match my knicks, socks, jersey or helmet. Tough decisions to make. Thankfully Pushys have a huge range of summer cycling clothing to choose from.

Gloves: https://www.pushys.com.au/clothing/gloves.html

By Ricky Swindale – Pushys sponsored athlete


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