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Aussie Butt Cream

Aussie1Anti-friction cream, chamois cream, butt cream? Trust a brand from Australia to humourise such a sensitive product for comfort down under. This is no joke though, enter Aussie Butt Cream. I have been riding for 6 years now and never before considered anti-friction cream as much as I should now. 20+ hour training weeks come with a lot of time on the saddle and I want to make sure I am looking after my skin and giving myself the best opportunity to perform on the trails.

Aussie Butt Cream and anti-friction creams alike are designed to moisturise a riders (sensitive) areas to reduce chafing. Cocoa butter, beeswax, and most importantly tea tree oil are the key players in the tub. These and a few more natural ingredients blend together to create an antimicrobial and antifungal solution for protection and comfort for even the longest days on the bike. A generous amount applied directly to your skin or chamois liner will keep moving parts slippery, yet squeaky clean down to the cell.

What makes Aussie Butt special though? Well, it’s ours! All ingredients are sourced right here in our homeland and shipped out locally. It stands as one of the proudest, premium and promising products that we have on our shelves at Pushys Online. The 250mL tub also offers the best value compared to other brands such as Muc-Off and Assos’ entries. This is no slice on the quality of these products I haven’t personally tried yet. However, when it came to mL per $, the Aussie Butt stood out…

Aussie2Tapering toward the climax of my race season there came a point where I was feeling increased hours on the saddle and needed more support. I hadn’t considered anti-friction cream up until this point in my race career and don’t want inconvenient irritation holding me back. The main reason to my reservation was it being another expense in my tight racing budget. With Pushys’ support though, I jumped on the opportunity to give one a go and am pretty set on our Australian representative in the mix.

With 100% natural ingredients brought together right here in Australia it seems there is no backward step in their offering of a great value anti-friction cream to the market. Not tested on animals and completely water soluble for the least impact on our environment is also a plus to consider. Aussie Butt doesn’t stop with bikes either! It is loved by motorcyclists and horse riders also. The brand get behind their country and currently support many teams and individuals with their jars and tubes. You can feel the support of Aussie Butt too from Pushys Online to get those cheeks smiling!

By Pushys Sponsored Athlete – Kaiden Carter

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