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Riders Review – TRP G-Spec DH Brake

If someone was to ask me to recommend brakes 12 months ago for their Downhill (DH) bike I would have suggested SRAM or Shimano. That is until TRP released their G-Spec DH brakes. These brakes were developed in response to Aaron Gwin’s request for a 4-piston hydraulic disc braking system that he could use on the UCI circuit. I played very close attention to the comments coming from Aaron Gwin and the various articles that were released globally. All of the feedback was positive and I was keen to give them a try when I upgraded my DH bike.

When looking at the G-Spec DH braking system, your eye is immediately drawn to the caliper. The caliper is made from forged aluminum that has been CNC’d, polished and then anodized. The caliper contains 4 hybrid pistons (Composite/Stainless) which helps with heat dissipation, as well as CNC machined cooling fans. There is also a tool free indexed reach adjust and an adjustable banjo fitting for optimal hose routing. Overall the caliper is slightly larger than others which may concern some people. However the benefits that I’ll list below far out way those negatives. From an appearance perspective, it looks tough and strong, even industrial strength, with a sleek and epic finish – sexy even. Yes I just described my brakes as being sexy. The leavers are nice and sleek, tidy and are not bulky. They are ergonomic to the feel and they fit neatly on the bars and are easily adjustable.

From a functionality perspective, the G-Specs are great. I find them to be very responsive from using a slight amount of brakes all the way to full on stopping power. I can easily adjust them which allows me to change the sensitivity according to the track and conditions. And as a result, these brakes are very predictable.

The leaver is a good length and positions comfortably in front of the grip. Personally I want to reach with 1 finger only and I can easily position the leaver further away from the grips. This is an easy setup and the squeeze of the leaver is not painful or difficult. I also find the brakes do not overheat as others might especially on long runs such as Bright or Thredbo. Just remember to bed your brake pads in properly – trust me on that. The brakes use a mineral oil and a brake bleed is fairly straight forward. Sourcing the G-Spec braking system, mineral oil, bleed kit and brake pads is very easy – Pushys stock them all.

On the negative side I have found it difficult to source spare parts. If I was to break the housing for the leaving, buying the spare part alone appears to be difficult.

Overall though, these are defiantly the best brakes I have used in a Downhill setting.

By Pushys sponsored athlete – Jordan Holzworth


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