Product Review

Park Tool EK-3 – Every tool you can think of, plus a few more.

If you’ve bought a bike, you need a few basic tools to keep your bike running well, but if you’re looking to do your own repairs and or upgrades, you’ll need to look into setting up your own workshop. This can be a laborious and confusing process, luckily, Park-Tool has gone and made one for you, and the EK-3 comes with the distinct advantage of fitting in a briefcase.

The tool box comes with basically nearly every tool you need to work on the bike with, it’s unbelievable. The amount of storage that the case offers is awesome, you can even put spare parts like brake pads, gear cables etc in with the tools.

The good thing about the tool box is that everything is spread out nicely and is just not rolling around the case.

I would normally just take a couple of tools overseas just to put the bike together but weighing in at approximately 13kgs, I am considering taking the whole case of tools with me and then there’s no dramas of searching for a tool I wouldn’t normally take.

I have never used park tools before but I’m absolutely loving them and I haven’t stopped working on my bike since I got this for Christmas.

I would definitely recommend any rider grabbing one of these tool boxes as they have just about everything to cover your bike and so much easier to access.

By Cassie Voysey – Pushys sponsored athlete

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