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Ride Concepts Transition Clipless shoes – Rider Review

I’ve been wearing these shoes for a while now and have been loving them, these shoes are perfect for DH and have really good support on your heels, which just goes to show the effort that has been put into them!


The heels on the Transition are what really impressed me! 

Shoes I have worn in the past lacked support in the heel, which makes your feet feel like they are going to pull out of the shoe when you are pedalling, but with these RC D3O shoes, the heel is a lot higher, dramatically increasing stability.

The shoes use a standard lace for securing your foot, but Ride Concepts include a super durable strap which not only keeps the laces tucked out of harms way, but also adds an extra layer of retention. But the system they’ve used doesn’t really matter, above all, what they’ve done makes for an extremely comfortable ride.


This is a great shoe for anyone who rides downhill! 

The front of the ride concept shoes D3O is mega solid, with the thick rubber front you don’t feel the full hit on the foot when smacking into a rock!

As well as the front rubber the bottom rubber of the shoe is super thick and durable, with hexagon shaped nobs for good grip when walking.


In saying all of this I highly recommend these shoes for DH and gravity only, the ride concept D3O shoes are not designed for something like cross country and are DH specific as they would Lower your power due to the lacing system. They give you bit of a flexy feel at the laces which is good for DH, but not for XC where you want your shoe super tight.

Purchase yours now on! You will not be disappointed.

By Luke – Pushys sponsored athlete

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